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New Rates July 1st 2021

Uncovered Small Boat Slip: $80 / month
Covered Small Boat Slip: $120 / month
Uncovered Large slip: $120 / month
Rowers: $60 / month
Houseboat with occupied tender: $340 / month
Houseboat no occupied tender: $220 / month

Membership Joining Fees
Houseboat Owners: $5,000
Renters: $450
Boaters: $900
Rowers: $300

Yearly Membership Fees
Houseboat Owners: $205
Renters: $125
Boaters: $125
Rowers: $125

4 thoughts on “New Rates July 1st 2021”

  1. I have a 24 foot Yamaha 242x boat and wanted to see if there were any slips available. Is there trailer storage available?

  2. Hello PRC,
    Iā€™m doing annual updating on moorage fees for floating homes across the greater Portland River system. Last year noted that a floating home with Tender & two covered parking spaces would pay $353 a month. Has this change for 2023?
    I pride myself on providing information for the public, and strive to make it accurate.
    Thank you all very much! Graham

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